Shopum is Nigeria's hottest new online marketplace, connecting genuine buyers with sellers & creating endless opportunities to earn.

We are currently seeking qualified candidates to fill the roles below:

Required Qualifications/Candidate Requirements

  • Minimum educational qualifications: SSCE, OND, HND, or Bachelor's Degree.
  • Outstanding sales skills with a proven ability to convert prospects into paying clients.
  • Must have a working Android phone or iphone.
  • Sales/marketing experience is an added advantage.

Customer service representative

Primary duties: We are looking for a Customer service representative to be the main point of contact for our customers & vendors. As a Customer service representative, you will answer phone or message inquiries to address customer & vendor questions and concerns. Additionally, you will gather customer information and inquire about customer satisfaction, requiring advanced communication and interpersonal skills.

Sales Associates

Primary duties: To promote our premium services to business owners. Engage daily in the market to register and manage sellers from various sectors, such as electronics, fashion, cars, real estate, home and garden, and more. Your main objective is to sell subscription packages to sellers, helping them boost their sales. Take responsibility for the entire sales process, from prospecting to selling premium packages, and ensure continuous follow-up.

PPC manager

Primary duties: We are hiring a PPC manager who will specialize in creating, implementing, and managing paid advertisements for our e-commerce brand. As a PPC manager, you will utilize your advanced expertise in keywords to optimize traffic and increase customer engagement. Your responsibilities will also include handling landing page design, analyzing ad performance, and reporting results to our managers and executives.

Content writers

Primary duties: We are seeking Content writers and search engine optimization (SEO) content writers to create compelling text and digital content that promotes our e-commerce brand's products and services. As a Content writer, you will collaborate closely with graphic designers and web developers to develop content that delivers our brand messaging while improving search engine performance. You will have the opportunity to showcase your creative writing skills and strategic keyword placement expertise.

Social Media Manager

Primary duties: We are seeking a Social Media Manager who will be responsible for developing and implementing social media strategies to promote our e-commerce brand across various platforms. As a Social Media Manager, you will create engaging content, manage social media accounts, monitor online conversations, and analyze social media metrics to optimize brand presence and engagement.

Graphic Designer

Primary duties: We are looking for Graphic Designers to create visually appealing and compelling designs for our e-commerce brand's marketing materials. As a Graphic Designer, you will collaborate with the marketing team to ensure brand consistency and create engaging visual content that enhances our brand's presence.

Email Marketing Specialist

Primary duties: We are hiring an Email Marketing Specialist to develop and execute email marketing campaigns that drive customer engagement, retention, and conversions. As an Email Marketing Specialist, you will create targeted email lists, design compelling email templates, write persuasive copy, and analyze email performance metrics to optimize campaign effectiveness.

SEO Specialist

Primary duties: We are seeking an SEO Specialist to optimize our e-commerce website's visibility and ranking in search engine results pages. As an SEO Specialist, you will conduct keyword research, optimize website content, improve site structure and navigation, and monitor search engine algorithms to ensure our website is optimized for organic traffic and improved search rankings

Influencer Marketing Coordinator

Primary duties: We are hiring an Influencer Marketing Coordinator to identify and collaborate with influencers and brand ambassadors to promote our e-commerce brand. As an Influencer Marketing Coordinator, you will negotiate partnerships, manage influencer relationships, track campaign performance, and measure the impact of influencer collaborations on brand awareness and sales.

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